We provide a range of specialised programmes using reward-based training methods. All our sessions are customised based on you and your dog or puppy's needs and help you and your dog improve your relationship.


Roadmap Out Of Reactivity 

Are you struggling to take your dog on a nice walk because he barks and lunges on the leash? Do you wish your dog was a little calmer in general?

Reactivity can be a challenging issue to deal with and it be really emotionally overwhelming at times.

With the Roadmap Out Of Reactivity, we'll provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work on your dog's triggers and fears, manage your dog and the environment when things get too much, even teach your dog to calm himself, and also work on building your own confidence. Through this process, you will soon start to be able to enjoy walks with your dog more and really enjoy the dog that you have, while helping your dog feel more comfortable and confident in this big world.


Cooperative Care Programme

Is your dog afraid of the vet's or groomer's? Do they squirm away or even bare teeth when you're trying to handle them?

It can be a stressful experience taking your dog to the vet or to the groomer when you see your dog being terrified of being there, or even just the process of getting there. It can also be incredibly stressful if you have a dog who seems to react badly to being touched and handled by you or your family, particularly when you just want to brush them or trim their nails.

Every dog will need some form of handling and veterinary care in their lifetime and it is important that we help them feel safe about it. With the Cooperative Care package, we can teach your dog to be a cooperative participant in their handling and to be less stressed out about the vet's and the groomer's. This will save you a lot of stress and worry and you'll no longer find going to the vet's or groomer's as daunting as you might have used to.


The Full Rescue Programme

Thinking about adopting but worried about having a dog with history you might not know much about or the potential issues they have?

Adopting is a very rewarding experience and I love my rescue boy so deeply. As a volunteer at a shelter for a few years, I have interacted with a number of potential adopters who really want to help and save a dog, but struggle imagining how to cope with the challenges they might bring.

With the Full Rescue Programme, we can help you through the process of adoption, including: questions to ask a rescue, how to make a good first impression on your potential adoptee, understanding canine body language, setting up your home to be safe and reduce stress for both you and your dog, as well as work on any issues that your dog may have. We are big supporters of adopting and really want to help you have a successful adoption.

If you already have recently adopted a rescue and also require help and support, you can also still get on the Full Rescue Programme with us!